Our Taekwondo Instruction Team

PX1_2816Christy Jackson
4th Degree Black Belt

Christy Jackson is a Chief Instructor and School Owner of Coppell ATA Training Academy and Coppell AMA.  She is a Certified Instructor in Traditional Taekwondo and Protech (weapons) with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). She is also a certified SHARP instructor (Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention). She is currently working with school administrators from the Coppell ISD, members of the Coppell Police Department and members of the Coppell City Council to develop and implement an anti-bully campaign and increase our health and fitness for our communities. She has over 11 years experience working with special needs students of all ages. Ms. Jackson currently holds the Title of 2005 National Champion in traditional weapons and the Title of 2008 World Champion in ATA X-treme weapons. and current 2015 District Champion in traditional weapons  Ms. Jackson has been working with the students of Coppell ATA for over 9 years.



PX1_2798Emily Blanton
3rd Degree Black Belt

Emily Blanton is a Certified Instructor with the American Taekwondo Association and . She is the Chief Instructor and Co-owner  of Coppell ATA Training Academy.  Emily, her husband Matt and Son Wylie all work and train at the school.  She currently holds the 2006 title of Weapons World Champ.


PX1_2863T.Michael Kennedy
3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Kennedy is currently a Trainer (Red/Black) Instructor at Coppell ATA & Karate for Kids.  He is working towards his Specialty Trainer (Black/Red/Black) Collar in November.  Mr. Kennedy has two children.  He and his son trained together.  Along with working towards his certification in the American Taekwondo Association, he is active on the Tournament circuit.  He won the Title of 2012 World Champ in both Forms and Traditional Weapons in June 2012.


Katelyn Jackson
3rd Degree Black Belt

Katelyn currently greets all our students and parents at the Coppell ATA & Karate For Kids front counter.  She will happily answer any questions that you may have about our programs or events. She graduated from The Colony High School.  She is currently a Freshman at the University of North Texas.  She is studying History and enjoys reading.